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Pam Holt

ON ZOOM Bonus Coaching Session: Host Guests on Airbnb While You Travel | All-Access Pass

A Talk by Pam Holt (Founder, The Happy Host Academy)

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About this Talk

In this Bonus Coaching Session, Pam will walk you through common concerns that almost every woman-including herself-has struggled with at the beginning of their hosting journey offering solutions for each. Discussing what she wished she knew in the beginning, she answers your FAQs on the steps that you can take to begin your rental career.

You will learn:

  • The 3 most common home sharing objections (and how to move beyond them)
  • The first steps to getting started as a rental host
  • Secrets you need to hear before you welcome your first guest

About The Speaker

Pam Holt

Pam Holt

Founder, The Happy Host Academy

International Bestselling Author, Founder at The Happy Host Academy