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'Tine Zekis

Bonus Coaching Session - The 3 Secrets to Earning the Salary You Deserve | All-Access Pass

A Talk by 'Tine Zekis (Founder, Getting Black Women Paid)

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About this Talk

**This session is on Zoom for All-Access Pass holders only. Search your email inbox for an email with the subject line "Zoom Links for All-Access Pass Sessions" to get the Zoom link. If you cannot find it, email [email protected] **

Once you've learned the three secrets to earning the salary you deserve, let's dive in!

In this session, we will have plenty of time for questions and coaching on the specifics. We can also do a deep dive into any or all of the three secrets. Be sure to bring any questions you have, both general and specific to your situation.

I'll see you there!

About The Speakers

'Tine Zekis

'Tine Zekis

Founder, Getting Black Women Paid

Founder and CEO of Getting Black Women Paid