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Pam Holt

Host Guests on Airbnb While You Travel

A Talk by Pam Holt (Founder, The Happy Host Academy)

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About this Talk

From the French Riviera to South Africa and the islands of Mozambique, Pam shares how she hosts the home she and her daughters live in and where her hosting career has taken them (spoiler alert-they’ve traveled the world!). Discover how you too can use hosting your home to finance your next travel adventure.

You will learn:

  • How you can travel the world and have guests pay your expenses
  • What it takes to host guests while you’re lounging at the beach
  • How to be your own boss, hosting how and when you want

About The Speakers

Pam Holt

Pam Holt

Founder, The Happy Host Academy

International Bestselling Author, Founder at The Happy Host Academy