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Kimberly West

Running A Travel Business to Fund Your Luxury Expat or ExodUS Lifestyle

A Talk by Kimberly West (Founder, Global Gastronome)

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About this Talk

From Addis Ababa to Zanzibar, everywhere you look, our people are traveling! They are getting out into the world and living their best lives. While some organize their own travel, there are people who prefer to have someone organize their travel for them. This is where you come in. Niches such as group travel, luxury travel, and adventure travel are EXPLODING. There are also people who just don't want to be bothered with planning and will pay a fee just to have someone else do it for them.

This session will introduce you to the opportunities in running your own travel business and how you can travel the world as a travel professional and provide life changing experiences to your clients.

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A workbook to take notes

Kimberly's Tools For Travel Professionals - these are the same tools I recommend to my clients and use myself

5 Things To Consider Before Moving Abroad

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About The Speaker

Kimberly West

Kimberly West

Founder, Global Gastronome

Founder Global Gastronome Owner Magnum Opus Consulting Former Owner SpyderWeb Technologies