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'Tine Zekis

The 3 Secrets to Earning the Salary You Deserve

A Talk by 'Tine Zekis (Founder, Getting Black Women Paid)

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About this Talk

If you're not negotiating every chance you get, then you could be missing out on more than a million dollars in lifetime earnings. And, more immediately, you may struggle to rack up that Move Abroad Money.

This talk is for you if:

  • You're considering a move into a high-paying role or industry
  • You're already in a high-paying role or industry and aiming to advance
  • You're looking to increase your rates as a contractor
  • You need a confidence boost in negotiating your next salary

Join me as I share the three secrets to earning the salary you deserve!

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'Tine Zekis

'Tine Zekis

Founder, Getting Black Women Paid

Founder and CEO of Getting Black Women Paid

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